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Custom-Made Marimba Mallets in Malaysia

Get your own custom-made marimba mallets today to fully express yourself musically!

Custom-Made Marimba Mallets in Malaysia


Why do I need custom-made marimba mallets?

This is perhaps a question you often ask yourself when you need to purchase a new set of mallets.

Why choose us?

We have a dedicated percussion craft master that will expertly create each and every marimba mallet to suit your needs and playing style.


Not only are our marimba mallets custom made, but they are also 100% handmade. All our custom-made mallet heads are patiently wrapped by hand, with yarn diligently twisted around the double core to make a perfect sphere. The custom-made mallet sticks are flawlessly sanded and varnished after being cut and weighed. We take our quality control seriously.

Rest assured that we only use the best materials to create our custom-made marimba mallets. We hand-pick only the finest rattan and birch to shape them into our mallet sticks. The yarn that we use is also specifically chosen for its tone and durability.


Won’t you agree that the sophistication and the intricacy of musical instruments should be able to keep up with the world that we live in today, especially when technology for research and development is easily at our disposal?

Our Double-core, Double-thread design for our custom-made marimba mallets is a perfect example of the combination of technology and intricate craftsmanship. The double-core made from two different materials allows the musician who wields the mallet to produce two different types of tone colors. The double-yarn marimba mallet head uses two different types of yarn to create a perfectly balanced tone on every touch.

Get your own custom-made marimba mallets today to fully express yourself musically !


Phone: +6011-7428 4553



No.6-2 Jalan Panggong, 
Kuala Lumpur 50000 

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