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Back to 90s

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After the 1st VMC Marimba concert series, we wish to present to you all another amazing concert tonight, Belle Vee, and Kok will present to you the 90's Hits pop music,

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, musician life are affected by not having live show, live gigs, live performance in this period, definitely not in this short period time, we hope you all can help us up in this coming concerts, and also helps the arts, music and culture industry and keep our musician motivated, by just donating as little amount as $1 you be able to help us to make this concerts happen, especially during this Covid-19 outbreak period, due to the budgeting problem on most of our equipment eg. the software, live streaming equipment, instrument, cables etc, and also the rental fees and utilities fees, we had decided to build up a fundraising campaign by using this platform of

The Virtual Music Live Series #002 will be live in Malaysia 13th June 2020 on all the live streaming platform, YouTube channel, Facebook, instagram, twitter etc! thank you for your kindness and support!

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