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Virtual Music Concert (VMC)


is a brand new way of broadcasting live stage performance via streaming, in the endeavour to keep the music industry alive, especially when everyone is experiencing the global effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.


VMC has succeeded in providing another platform for musicians to perform. This was done with the support from Percussion Store and The Saxophone Store, which provide musicians with instruments, performing hall, videography equipment, software, and etc. Thus, giving musicians a brand new experience of performing on a new stage environment setup.


In conclusion, VMC has not only encouraged musicians not to let their talents fade, hence audience get to experience live music concert like never before.

VMC Hall Rental Rate

Grand Piano Package  

  • 4 Hours Package ( Include Steinway Grand Piano ) - RM500

  • 2+2 Hours Package ( Include Steinway Grand Piano with Sound System/Video & Audio Recording*2hours only ) - RM750

( Additional hour charge RM190 ) 


Exam Package  

  • 1+1 Hour Package ( Include Steinway Grand Piano with Sound System/Video & Audio Recording*1hour only ) - RM375

( Additional hour charge RM190 ) 



  • Starting from RM250.00 "Please call the hotline to do reservation and enquiry"


  • Hall with Steinway Model A Grand Piano - RM250/Hour

  • Hall with Drums or Percussion - RM100/Hour 

  • Additional Sound system/Recording - RM130/Hour

  • Additional Individual instruments - RM30/Unit

Click the Equipment List button below to see technical specifications available in VMC Hall

*Please note that this is a working document, all information contained in this document is believed to be correct at the time of writing

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